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The Rotorcraft Rocket One watches have a unique design with superior quality. The unique look that is created for these Rocket One watches comes from the industrial form of the watchcase design. The chosen materials are from excellent quality, forged from the best steel available for watchmaking. Fine leather straps which complement the unique look for the Rotorcraft Rocket One watches. These have an excellent Miyota 2115 Caliber powered movement. Interesting detail with these watches is the placement of the crown on the left side of the watchcase. If you don't like to feel the crown pressing into your hand when you bend your hand upwards these Rotorcraft Rocket One watches do the trick. If you are left handed you can wear this model on your right hand and adjust the time without having to take the model off your wrist. All Rotorcraft Rocket One watches embrase the brand's thought in every way; create a reflection of yourself with one of these fine watches and 'Break the Routine!'